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Ham Radio

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Amateur radio or ham radio is a fascinating hobby that has captivated the interest of countless thousands and provides a stimulating technical hobby for people around the globe.

Many radio amateurs or hams enjoy talking to friends around the globe. Others enjoy contacting people in far and distant lands, while others enjoy constructing their own equipment, investigation propagation techniques, experimenting with new technology, and all based around radio.

What ever one's interest, amateur radio is a hobby that has something for everyone. It is possible to make of it what you want

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Amateur radio basics

The basics of the fascinating hobby of ham radio, what it entails and how you can enjoy it

Ham radio operating

The pages below give the essential information required for operating on the various modes and how to conduct contacts.

Radio propagation & amateur band characteristics

When using the amateur radio bands, it is essential to have a knowledge of the characteristics of the various bands and how signals propagate on them. The pages below give the essentials that any radio amateur needs to know.

Modes of transmission for amateur radio operation

When transmitting and receiving amateur radio transmissions, it is found that there is a wide variety of different modes that can be used. From the simplest forms of Morse transmissions through a variety of analogue voice transmissions to sophisticated digimodes, there is a very good vareity to choose from.

Abbreviations & codes

Pages identifying some of the major codes and abbreviations used by radio amateurs today.

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