European Microwave Week

European Microwave Week

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Electronics Events, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

10 Jan - 15 Jan 2021
Utrecht, the Netherlands

European Microwave Week, EuMW is the event for anyone involved with RF and microwave design. EuMW is held annually and the location rotates around a number of major European cities, but each time the same basic formula is adopted, and it provides in-depth conference material along with a useful exhibition of relevant exhibitors.

The European Microwave Week provides extensive coverage of the whole microwave and RF arena. European Microwave Week is held annually and it is the premier microwave event in Europe, but bringing together the microwave community from around the world.

European Microwave Week is organized around three conferences:

  • European Microwave Conference - this focusses on a variety of microwave topics - everything from amplifier design to EMC, antennas and MIMO to receiver technology, tunable filters to transmission lines . .
  • European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference - as the name implies this conference at EuMW focusses on the design of microwave integrated circuits and devices. It includes everything from the different technologies, GaN, GaAs, etc . to low noise VCO design, frequency synthesisers, and much more
  • European Radar Conference - the focus of this conference is very much aligned with topics of interest to those involved in radar design. Topics may include MIMO Radar biomedical imaging, antennas for radar, THz radar and more. .

Each of these conferences attracts renowned speakers from leading institutions, so you are sure to come away having discovered much abut the very latest technology. Costs for attendance at the conferences are published not he EuMW website.

In addition to the conferences themselves, a number of manufacturers and suppliers run smaller events around European Microwave Week providing training into various areas associated with their lines of expertise.

Beside the Conference there is also the European Microwave Exhibition, which features a large variety of suppliers (typically over 200) associated with the RF and microwave scene. Exhibitors are from a variety of sectors ranging from test equipment to capacitors, microwave circulators to books and very much more. It is possible to attend the exhibition and be able to talk to prospective suppliers or seal deals.

In addition to the direct access to the conferences and exhibition,, European Microwave Week also provides an excellent opportunity for networking and making new contacts.

With all these benefits, European Microwave Week is an excellent week to attained for anyone associated with RF and microwave design, manufacture, purchasing, and the like.

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