Bring World-Class Art into Your Home with This Digital Canvas

Bring World-Class Art into Your Home with This Digital Canvas

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No home should be without truly great pieces of art. Whether you’re living in bachelor-type squalor or residing in a mansion fit for dignitaries, putting wonderful art on display is essential if you want to live a happy (and let’s be honest, fashionable) life.

The only problem is that great art tends to be wildly expensive, and not all of us can afford to drop a calm ten thousand dollars on a painting, regardless of how great it may look or how many dinner guests it will inevitably impress.

That’s why the ever-intrepid minds at Depict created this endlessly awesome Depict Frame 4K Digital Canvas.

It allows art-lovers to bring truly world-class art into their home, and right now you can grab both this HD digital canvas and a 1-year subscription to Depict Premium for just $1099—well under what you’d likely spend for even a single piece of art on an actual canvas.

Not too long ago, the only people who took digital art and multi-layer canvasing seriously were those who could afford the real stuff.

Stories of people like Bill Gates projecting world-famous and easily changeable art on their digital walls captivated us, and we secretly wished we could similarly transform our living spaces.

Thankfully, evolving technology has made it easier than ever for us to live our very own Bill Gates fantasy.

This digital canvas displays crystal-clear and wonderfully detailed pieces of world-famous art in stunning 4K resolution, and it comes wrapped in a beautiful wooden frame that replicates some of the most famed and loved pieces in museums throughout the world.

The entire frame rotates (so you’ll be able to enjoy your art from every conceivable aspect and angle) and you’ll be able to quickly and easily switch between portrait mode and landscape without having to re-mount the frame.

In addition to the digital canvas, this deal also gives you unlimited access to a year of Depict’s premium collection of world-class art. You’ll be able to choose from over six-hundred new pieces, and there are more being added every week.

Bring the world’s best pieces of art into your home with a Depict Frame 4K Digital Canvas and a 1-Yr Subscription To Depict Premium for just $1,099 for a limited time.

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