What to Expect from the Tesla Model Y Launch Tonight

What to Expect from the Tesla Model Y Launch Tonight

The Tesla Model Y will launch later today to a flurry of excitement from fans and foes alike. We’ve scoured the net to bring all the gossip about the upcoming release to one spot. Read on for what to expect from the latest model Tesla.

Based on the Model 3 Platform

Rumors swirled that Tesla would build a new platform for the Model Y. CEO of the electric car company, Elon Musk, has previously said he had the goal of building a new system that would require just a minimal amount of wiring.


However, in a bid to keep the production time for the new model under check, Musk has abandoned that idea and confirmed the new Model Y will share 75% of its parts with the model 3, indicating it's likely to use the same platform. Though the Model Y will have a completely new body.


Sharing so much with the Model 3 means it's likely to have really similar specs. Having the same battery pack and electric motors means it will have pretty similar energy and power capacity. But the Model Y will be bigger than the Model 3, meaning it will be a touch heavier and therefore less efficient.

Some online commentators are guessing it could have 10-15% lower range than its related model. However, these guesses are based on the current Tesla technology. We know the Model Y won’t go into production for a year, so the technology has the potential to have significantly improved.

Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for same battery

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 2019. március 3.

Tesla is likely to be pretty vague on the exact specifications even at the launch as not to impact too much on the sales of its cars currently on the market.

How will it look?

Musk has said the Model Y will be about 10% bigger than the Model 3 and that it will look a lot like a sedan. The innovative company has also released a few teaser images of the car, that shows a longer and higher shape than the Model 3.

Sadly the Falcon Wing doors made famous on the Model X are not included, but the Model Y might include the panoramic windshield we have seen in previous concept images.

Where and how will it be made?

Tesla is likely to be vague about exact specifications for the car, two things to listen out for at the launch later tonight will be information on where and how the Model Y will be produced.

It is likely that the new car will be made at teslas Gigafacory1 in Nevada, but Tesla has been hesitant to confirm that. Musk has said there will be some big changes about the way they produce the cars described the new system as a manufacturing revolution’.

Tesla will be keen to learn for their mistakes with Model 3, that caused huge production and delivery delays. The other big announcement will be the price, which Musk has already said will be roughly 10% more expensive than the Model 3.

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