Upgrade Your PS4 or Xbox with these Fantom Drives Kits

 Upgrade Your PS4 or Xbox with these Fantom Drives Kits

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Regardless of whether you own a Play Station 4 or an Xbox, you’re doubtlessly in possession of a supremely cool gaming system. But if you haven’t experienced what it’s like to play with an upgraded hard drive, you’re missing out.

Available for both the PS4 and Xbox, these Fantom Drives hard drive upgrade kits will allow you to experience your games like never before, and they’re available for up to 29% off for a limited time.

For just $99, this PS4 hard drive upgrade kit includes a Seagate Firecuda SSHD with 128 MB cache, along with everything you need to get up and running—from the quick-start installation guide to the specialized Philips screwdriver.

Or if you’re more of an Xbox fan, Fantom offers this two-in-one storage hub and SSHD for just $119, which allows you to drastically improve your console’s speed and storage. This upgrade kit even acts as a three-port USB hub that allows you to add even more storage if needed.

Don’t settle for the standard-issue hard drives in your favorite gaming consoles. These Fantom Drives hard drive upgrade kits are available for up to 29% off their usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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