Internet Archive and Wikipedia Unite to Give You Access to Various Sources Online

Internet Archive and Wikipedia Unite to Give You Access to Various Sources Online

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Let's say you're reading an article online and you see a citation. Or, when you're writing an article you should cite the original sources. You want to check the main source, but yeah, it can be a lot of work to find the source on the internet.

Now, the Internet Archive and Wikipedia have great news for you. The Internet Archive has transformed 130,000 book references in Wikipedia into live links to 50,000 digitized Internet Archive books in different Wikipedia articles. These books are from different languages such as English, Greek, Arabic and much more.

Soon, by scanning more books and working with Wikipedia, the Internet Archive aims to link many more book references into the books on Internet Archive.

With a single click, you'll have access to many sources.


The Internet Archive is basically a digital lending library of e-books. People can sponsor a book and then the book will be scanned and added to the system. And you'll be able to see a preview of the book that you saw in Wikipedia as a citation, and you'll have to pay to borrow it.

Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive said, "What has been written in books over many centuries is critical to informing a generation of digital learners. We hope to connect readers with books by weaving books into the fabric of the web itself, starting with Wikipedia."

Everyone likes to check Wikipedia, but basically it's a collection of other sources, which are mostly books. But not everyone has access to a library or have time to go to a library or maybe the source they're looking for is not available at the library. At this point, this project is aiming to help people by giving them access to sources on a certain Wikipedia page.

The purpose of the Internet Archive is to bring 4 million more books online in the future.

Watch the video: How Wikipedia solved the knowledge gap. Andrew Lih. TEDxAmericanUniversity (June 2022).


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