Tesla 'Cybertruck' to be Revealed November 21st

Tesla 'Cybertruck' to be Revealed November 21st

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Tesla's CEO Elon Musk confirmed Wednesday that its much-awaited electric truck will be unveiled on 21 November, a year after he started teasing the new vehicle.

On Twitter Musk said it will be unveiled at a location near the SpaceX rocket Factory. Musk didn't share any other details about the timing of the event.


Cybertruck unveil on Nov 21 in LA near SpaceX rocket factory

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 6, 2019

Truck reveal had been delayed

According to one report, it will be unveiled at Tesla's designs studio which shares the same property as the SpaceX headquarters. The truck had initially been slated to be revealed earlier this year but Tesla announced this fall it would be delayed until November.

For months now Musk has been teasing the electric pickup truck, promising it won't look like anything else on the market. Musk has previously described the electric truck as looking like something straight out of the movie Blade Runner. With little in the way of details, Tesla fans have been left to their own imaginations to envision what it will look like. That's resulted in some cool designs.

This summer Musk said it would cost as little as $49,000, making it competitive with other electric pickup trucks coming to the market. Tesla's biggest competitor in the electric truck market is startup Rivian, which is gearing up to roll out its electric truck soon. The startup has raised $350 million in venture capital and recently got an order to develop 100,000 electric delivery trucks for Amazon.

Rivian taking on Tesla

Rivian has been accepting pre-orders for its two electric trucks which go for $61,000 and $69,000. The R1T and the R1s come with a lot of technology and high-end features both inside the cabin and outside. Rivian and Tesla's trucks will get 400 miles or more on a single battery charge. Rivian's trucks are expected to hit the market in late 2020

Tesla is unveiling its electric truck at the same time that the Los Angeles Auto Show is going on. There Ford is expected to reveal its first electric SUV. Tesla is known for shunning these events, opting to hold its own affairs at the same time.

Watch the video: Tesla Cybertruck Unveil - Full Presentation November 21, 2019 (July 2022).


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