Watch Tesla's New Visualization Software Technology in Action

Watch Tesla's New Visualization Software Technology in Action

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Tesla’s Autopilot software received an upgrade this week, making it possible for its electric vehicles to maneuver around construction cones. Videos showing the new tech in action have been featured on Twitter and other social media channels.

According to media reports, Tesla has been issuing upgrades to its software regularly during the past few years. The software is powered by sensors placed on the car and its computer vision system that shows the vehicle surroundings on the screen.


Tesla's software update tested out by Twitter users

In the summer it added the ability to zoom in and out and get a 360-degree view. In the latest addition, Tesla included the ability to detect, visualize and maneuver around traffic cones as seen in this video uploaded to Twitter.

compare to AP:

— green (@greentheonly) November 7, 2019

When releasing the update, Tesla wrote: “in cases where a traffic cone is detected and Navigate on Autopilot is engaged (requires Full Self Driving Capability), the vehicle is designed to suggest a lane change (or attempt a lane if REQUIRE LANE CHANGE CONFIRMATION is set to NO) to avoid cones. As always, you are responsible for your vehicle and are required to pay attention at all times.”

The system though doesn’t appear to be perfected just yet with some Tesla owners turning to Twitter to warn that cones aren’t detected all the time, creating potentially dangerous scenarios.

Please @[email protected]@Tesla keep high attention to this case. AP, on 2019.32.12.3, still doesn’t recognize the little cones used in Italy to close an highway lane, so NoA ask to use the adiacent lane.... pushing you in front of the incoming traffic!

— Rosario Pingaro (@rpingar) October 28, 2019

Nevertheless, it's a big step forward for Tesla and its ambitions to eventually develop a fully autonomous vehicle.

Tesla just released an update of its software

In September Tesla rollout Version 10.0 of its software as an over-the-air update. With the update, Tesla owners who have enhanced autopilot are able to summon their vehicles from a parking lot without the need for a driver. The car has to remain in the sight of the owner and if a crash happens, the owner is responsible not Tesla.

"We're raising the bar for what people have come to expect from their cars with new entertainment, gaming, music, and convenience features designed to make your car much more capable, as well as making time spent in your car more fun," Tesla wrote in a blog post at the time. "Version 10.0 is our largest update ever."

Watch the video: Tesla software Update With No Speaker reformatted To Fit Screen (June 2022).


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